The Advent Window
The dominant figure here is that of the Root of Jesse, a Biblical image of the Messianic King first found in Isaiah 11:10, and echoed by Paul in Romans 15:12. This longed-for King was One on Whom it was believed the Spirit of the Lord would rest, Who would rule the world in righteousness and faithfulness, and Who would serve as a sign to all nations of God's promised salvation.

This Old Testament prophecy was appropriated by the early New Testament Church who saw Jesus as the fulfillment of this prophecy. The deep roots of the branch that would grow symbolize the grounding of the early Church's belief in Jesus as Messiah in many Old Testament Psalms and works of the prophets. Their proclamation of Jesus as Messiah was not merely another new idea, but it was the joyous realization of God's promise made centuries before.

The roots extend upward, pointing finally to the Chi Rho, the first two Greek letters of the title "Christ" (Anointed One). This firmly establishes the Church's witness that Jesus of Nazareth is the promised Messiah, anointed by God with His Spirit, to bring salvation from sin and death not only to Israel but to the whole world.