The Baptism Window

Having heard God's Word calling us back to Himself, we are joined to Him through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism (Romans 6:3-5). However, such an action does not originate with us; it is God Who does the calling - God Who does the creating of faith and trust - and as the hand demonstrates, it is God Who is the active Agent in Baptism. We are merely passive receivers of the good gifts of forgiveness, deliverance from the sin, death, and the devil, and the life everlasting that He bestows upon us in the washing.

In the Scriptures, the hand of God represents His majestic power and might. By the works of His hands God creates all things, and whenever Jesus heals someone He stretches out His hand to them. Thus from the hand of God comes the Life-giving water that cascades down upon us, water that both kills off our sinful self and raises up a new creation in the Christ.

Through this water and God's Word of promise comes the great "indicative" of the Christian life, "You are Mine; I have claimed you." And out of that "indicative" comes the "imperative" that flows naturally from that promise, "Live in His love." To that "indicative" we daily return in repentant joy, trusting that God will empower us to fulfill the "imperative" in all our words and actions.