Circus Designs
  1. Welcome To The Circus
  2. Fools For Christ
  3. Rainbow Wagon
  4. The Juggler Of God
  5. The Promises Of God
  6. Walking The Highwire, Swinging On A Trapeze
  7. Pretzel Like A Prayer
  8. Spread Your Wings And Fly
  9. Lemonade And Worship
  10. Growing Together
  11. Halloween Pumpkins, God And Me
  12. Gobble, Gobble
  13. Evergreen
  14. A Heart of Love
  15. A Season Of Grace
  16. From Within A Cocoon
  17. The Sideshow
  18. God Speaking
  19. Best Friends
  20. Of Peas And Carrots
  21. Circus Smiles
  22. Journey To The Manger
  23. God Comes To The Circus
  24. Why Circuses Ain't Boring
  25. The Joy Of The Circus
  26. A Circus Surprise
  27. The Big Ticket
  28. Ticket To God's Creation
  29. Circus Funnin'
  30. Circus Oohs And Aahs
  31. Circus Ta Da
  32. Ringmasters Of Creation
  33. The Piggy Bank Caper
  34. The Gift
  35. Love's Cheerleaders
  36. Sandpaper Steps
  37. The Parade
  38. A Spirit Thing
  39. The Flame Of Friendliness
  40. The Caring Heart Of Jesus
  41. Pants Full Of Ants
  42. Honest To God
  43. Peer Pressure, Bullies and Jesus
  44. Bless-O-Lanterns
  45. Party On
  46. Dreamcatcher
  47. The Star
  48. Transformmed by Jesus
  49. Loving Someone When They Don't Love You Back
  50. God's Parade
  51. The Family Of God
  52. Me, Myself And I: Shadows Of God
  53. In The Steps Of The Ringmaster
  54. The Friendship Circus
  55. Jesus And The Humble Table
  56. Quiet Conversations And Spoken Promises
  57. Martin Luther, Servant Of God
  58. Waiting For Jesus
  59. Wrapped In Love
  60. Blessed To Be A Blessing
  61. Friends In The Making
  62. A Story Of Lent, The Story Of Jesus
  63. The Parade To Easter
  64. Circus Work
  65. My Cloud 9
  66. Party On! Together
  67. The Ringmaster's Whistle
  68. God's Riddle
  69. Catch Me, I'm Falling
  70. The Christmas Presence
  71. Stargazers
  72. Heaven's Heart
  73. The Magic Of The Mirror
  74. Pardon Eggs
  75. A Shepard's Joy
  76. Happy Birthday, Me!
  77. Living Wet
  78. Welcoming A Friend
  79. BakPakin'
  80. A Code Of Love
  81. Martin: Say 'Thank You'
  82. Gifted To Give
  83. New Year, New Beginnings
  84. Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head & Me
  85. Forgiveness Trek
  86. SIBlated
  87. Soul Health
  88. Kingdom Fit
  89. Heavenly Linemen
  90. God's Healing Agents
  91. Of Heroes And Angels
  92. Caught In The Web Of Grace
  93. We Call Him King
  94. A New You for a New Year
  95. Go! Fish!
  96. Dress Up Party
  97. The Secret of the Eye Chart and the Cheeses Reveal
  98. Happy Feet, Happy Soul
  99. Just Say the WORD
  100. So, After Breakfast, What?
  101. Heaven Is For You
  102. BakPakin' for Jesus
  103. Doin' the Will of God
  104. Dr. Who?
  105. Holidaying
  106. You Loving You
  107. The Fish That Didn't Get Away
  108. Gospel Rap
  109. Days of Passion
  110. A Shepherd's Life
  111. A Farmer's Mkt.
  112. Getting It Together
  113. The Presence of God
  114. NapTime with Jesus
  115. Please, Pass the Salt Please
  116. Lightning Struck...Promise Kept
Ringmaster Clicka

Davey and Goliath® and Davey and Goliath characters are registered trademarks of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and are reproduced by special permission of Augsburg-Fortress Publishing, Minneapolis, Minnesota. All rights reserved. Davey and Goliath bring the Christian gospel and moral and faith-based values to a new generation of children in lively and enjoying ways. The following Circus Designs have been developed for the small church by circus ringmaster, Cindy Esposito and Pr. Dale H. Beutler. Permission is granted to churches to use the Circus Designs as a basis for their Christian Education program.