The Epiphany Window
The intertwining of the Church year is demonstrated in that the same star of Bethlehem found in the Christmas window is present again here in the Epiphany presentation, leading the magi to the place where the Christ-Child lies.

While church tradition differs on exactly how many magi came to worship, here we have depicted the familiar number of three, to correspond with the three gifts given in which the early Church Fathers and Luther saw symbolized Jesus' royalty (gold); His divinity (frankincense); and His Passion and burial (myrrh) (Psalm 72:10; Matthew 2:11).

The point of the Epiphany ("revelation") season of the Church year is that beginning with the visit of the magi, Jesus is revealed as the Messiah and Savior of all the world, not just for Israel. The coming of the pagan magi to worship Jesus fulfills the Advent promise that as the Root of Jesse Jesus would indeed be a sign Who would draw all nations seeking God's salvation and healing to Himself.