Faith Church

Faith Church of Palos Heights in Palos Heights, Illinois was organized as a mission congregation of the American Lutheran Church on November 1, 1959. The Rev F.E. Schoenbohm, pastor of First Lutheran Church of Blue Island, Illinois assisted in development of the mission congregation by encouraging his members living in the area to leave First for Faith. They did.

At the time of the organization, the Rev. Kenneth Heaney of St. Mark Lutheran Church, Worth, Illinois served the 30 member congregation as it continued to meet in one of the homes being built on what was once farmland in southern Cook County.

Some of that farmland was given to the church by Albert and Emma Benck. Plans were soon adopted to build the first unit of Faith including worship, fellowship, and education spaces. Groundbreaking was held on February 21, 1960. On March 20, 1960, members of the congregation extended a call to the Rev. Marvin J. Goll of Kewanee, Illinois as their first pastor. He served the people of the church and the community until 1964.

Other pastors who have served Faith and the community over the past 45 years include:

Rev. John P. Dexter
Rev. Herman Schmitt
Rev. Robert F. Rodewald
Rev. Dr. Michael Ideran
Rev. Mark Reshan
Rev. James E. Galezewski
Rev. Julie LaHann
Rev. Dale H. Beutler.

On April 30, 1978, the people of Faith dedicated a new worship center. Major renovations to the facility began in 1999 and continue today to enable the people to better share "the peace, hope, and love of Jesus" as a part of the 10,766 congregations nationwide of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, producers of the nationally acclaimed children's program, Davey and Goliath.

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