In the Middle Ages, many of Europe's great cathedrals used stained glass windows not only to beautify their structures, but also to serve as a tool in teaching the people the great stories of the faith, scenes of which were depicted on the windows. Today, the lost art of the stained glass process has evolved into use of colored glass which was not available in the Middle Ages.


Faith's colored glass windows also tell a story. A story of profound proclamation of the Gospel promise of:

                      ... what God has done in the past,
                      ... what God is now doing, and
                      ... what God will yet do through the life, death
                          and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.

The nine windows of Faith were designed and constructed by Sol and Irene Fudaley. The window commentary was written by the Rev. Mark D. Reshan. The images and photography are courtesy of Alison Visona.